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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 You Must Use

Most of the Windows operating system users have upgraded to the latest Windows 10 OS and started using it. Well, every operating system has its own keyboard shortcuts to make the user work much simpler. You might have already used keyboard shortcuts in the previous versions of Windows OS. Let’s see few keyboard shortcuts that you can start working out within the latest Windows 10 OS.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Window Snapping

Window snapping is now much easier in Windows 10 due to the latest improvements.

  • To snap the current window to the left side of the screen, press Windows + Left arrow key.
  • To snap the current window to the right side of the screen, press Windows + Right arrow key.
  • To snap the current window to the top of the screen, press Windows + Up arrow key.
  • To snap the current window to the bottom of the screen, press Windows + Down arrow key.

You can also combine the above shortcuts to move the specific corner of the screen For example, if you want to snap the current window to the top left quadrant of the screen, then first press Windows + Up keys and then Windows + Left key or vice versa.snapping

Window Management

You can now view the list of tasks and also switch between task or windows in Windows 10. Task view is a new interface that combined an Expose-like window switching and virtual desktops.

1. Windows + Tab

Pressing the above key combination opens the new Task view interface. This interface will remain open until the keys are released. Current virtual desktop will appear in the Task view list with the currently opened windows. You can also open new virtual desktop by clicking on the + New Desktop in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Alt + Tab

Pressing the above key combination lets you switch between the opened windows. You can switch between the tabs by pressing these keys and releasing the keys closes the interface.alt + tab keyboard shortcut

Virtual Desktops

Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts to manage the virtual desktops.

  • To create a new virtual desktop and switch to it, press Windows + Ctrl + D keys.
  • To close current virtual desktop, press Windows + Ctrl + F4 keys.
  • To switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right, press Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right key.

But you don’t have shortcut keys to move the windows from one virtual desktop to the other virtual desktop.virtual desktop on windows

Command Prompt

Before using the below shortcut keys in command prompt, you need to enable them in the properties window.

Copying and Pasting Shortcuts

  • To paste text in the command window, press Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert.
  • To copy the selected to the clipboard, press Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert.copy to clipboard in windows cmd window

Selecting Text Shortcuts

  • To move the cursor left a character, right a character, up a line or down a line, press Shift + Left/Right/Up/Down keys to select the text.
  • To select one word to the left or right, press Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right keys.
  • To select the text to the beginning or end of the current line, press Shift + Home/End keys.
  • To select the text up or down the screen, press Shift + Page Up/Page Down keys.
  • To select all text between the cursor and the beginning or end of the Command Prompt’s output, press Ctrl + Shift + Home/End.

Other shortcuts

  • To open Find dialog to search in Command prompt window, press Ctrl + F keys.
  • To close the Command prompt window, press Ctrl + F4 keys.find cmd windows 10

That’s it.

Do let us know your doubts or valuable suggestions in the below comment box.

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