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How to Access Dismissed Notifications on Android

Calling all absent minders – how many times has it happened that you were dismissing the notifications and you realize that you have dismissed an important notification? Or you may have dismissed all notifications at once and then you catch a glimpse of an important notification. It is quite a common thing to happen. Do not panic! Today I am sharing an awesome trick to access the notifications that you have dismissed already.

Prerequisite: This trick only works for Android Jellybean (4.3) and above. So make sure that you are running the appropriate Android version.

I’m using stock Android 5.1.1 for this tutorial. Since different smartphone manufacturers put different skin or theme on Android, the process may be slightly different on other devices.

Here’s how to see dismissed notifications:

  1. Long tap on an empty space on your home screen
  2. Select “Widgets”
  3. Scroll downwards until you find “Settings shortcut”
  4. Tap and hold it to place it on the home screen
  5. Once there, you’ll see a lot of settings options of which you can create shortcuts
  6. Find “Notification log” in the list and tap on it

Whenever you miss a notification you can go to notification log to see it. The notifications that are still active i.e. are still in the notification panel are shown in white colour and the notifications that are dismissed are shown in grey colour. Tapping on a notification will directly take you to the source of that notification.

If your device is running a lower version of Android then this trick will not work for you. But don’t be disappointed since we got you covered too.

There are certain apps in the Google play store that keep a record of all your notifications that don’t need you to be running Android 4.3, but you’ll have to be running, at least, Android Gingerbread (2.3). Apps like Notification History and Past Notifications are a lot like the notification log feature. To use these apps to their fullest potential, you will need to allow them accessibility permission.

So did you know about this trick? Do you know of any other trick that lets you see dismissed notifications? Do let us know and share your thoughts about this trick in the comments section below.

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