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Understanding Core Types: “Dual Core” and “Quad Core”

Understanding Core Types: 'Dual Core' and 'Quad Core'

Whenever you are thinking of buying a new laptop or desktop, you first look into the configuration of that laptop. And the first thing listed in the configuration is core. Now, with so many types of cores available in the market, one is bound to get confused over which to go for. There are many types of cores like Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa-Core, Octa-Core etc. Here, we will understand what these ‘names’ really mean and we will focus more on ‘Dual Core’ & ‘Quad Core’ since they are the most used ones.

Note: The ‘dual-core’ & ‘quad-core’ here are in reference to cores used in Computers and not in the mobile phone.

Now, let us straight away come to the topic and discuss ‘dual-core’ & ’quad-core’.

Dual Core Vs Quad Core

Here is a simple comparison between Dual-Core & Quad-Core processors based on several points. Before that, below are some of the essentials which you might like to know:

A core is a part of a processing chip. There is only one processing chip in a computer. Generally, it is called CPU. The processing chip can have any number of cores for eg. one, two, four, six, eight etc. currently, the best you can get is an 18-core chip in the market.

Now, lets us compare ‘dual core’ & ‘quad core’ in terms of some factors:

  1. Power Consumption

The more the no. of cores, the higher is the power consumed by the CPU. This is because when the CPU is on, it supplies power to all the cores simultaneously & not just to one at a single point in time.

  1. Heat

As you can predict, the more the cores, the more is the heat generated by the processor. Therefore, in Quad-Core processors, manufacturers have to come up with better cooling solutions.

  1. Speed

The next factor of comparison is speed. Most people think that more the number of cores more is the speed of the processor. But this is not the case. The speed of the processor is determined by the clock speed of each core, and the architecture. Let us explain this with the help of an example. A dual-core CPU with higher clock speed than quad-core CPU will give much better speed and performance than quad-core CPU.

  1. Price

The price of a processor doesn’t depend on ‘dual-core’ or ‘quad-core’. It depends on the clock speed & architecture of the core. But if clock speed & architecture of both ‘dual-core’ & ‘quad-core’ are same then ‘quad-core’ i.e. more no. of cores will fetch a much higher price.

This was a brief understanding and comparison of a ‘dual-core’ and a ‘quad-core’ processor. For any questions, drop down a comment below!

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