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How to Download an Entire Website on your PC

Websites don’t remain online forever. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, it may be temporarily unavailable or the admin might no longer wish to continue further, owing to losses. Or even in more general cases, you might face interrupted internet connectivity and hence cannot access those webpages. In those scenarios, a backup of those websites might come in handy. Therefore, in this guide, we have given the steps to download an entire website directly onto your PC. So the next time you’re on a journey, take these along with you and it might prove to be a great time-killer. With that said, here are the steps to follow. Also, here are Five Websites Every Android User Should Be Aware Of.

Download An Entire Website onto your PC

To do so, we would be taking the help of HTTrack Website Copier. There exist many such applications capable of downloading websites, but most of them are either paid versions or are limited in functionality. On the other hand, HTTrack Website Copier apart from being free provides some pretty useful functionalities.

For example, it allows downloading only a specific part of a website, a specific type of image, video or files from that website. Apart from that, there exist many other whitelisting exceptions that you could try out before downloading the website. Although the app’s UI takes a back seat, still one could do away with it, considering that it does its function pretty well.

Steps to Follow

  1. Download the HTTrack application on your PC.
  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, choose the desired installation directory and click Install.
    download website setup
  3. Once the process finishes, untick the View History.txt file and click Finish.
    finish setup
  4. As soon as the app opens, click Next on the Welcome screen.
    next download website
  5. Now enter the Project Name, Category, and the Download Location of that website and click Next.
    create website project
  6. Enter the desired URL of the website which you need to download, in the Web Addresses field.
    download website url
  7. Furthermore, click on Set options to modify any settings or to add an exceptional rule.
    set options
  8. Click Next > Finish and wait for the website to get downloaded.
    downloaded website
  9. Head over to the location where you downloaded the website and click on the index.html file. Open it with any of the browsers of your choice and click on the website name.
    open project

That’s it. With this we conclude the guide on how to download any website on to your PC. Do let us know what you think of this process, in the comments section below.

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