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How to Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Android

Android has a lot of good features, and one among a million of them is the Swype Gesture typing. With this feature enabled, you can easily swipe through the letters of your keyboard, and get done writing a good long text message, or even an email. However, for all of you fast typists out there, you know the struggle when you type so fast that the keyboard application accidentally mistakes it for a swipe gesture, and totally messes up your conversation.

Well, we have a fix. While almost all of the third-party keyboards on Android devices have this option ready for enabling and disabling, we will be demonstrating this using the stock keyboard application, Google Keyboard. In order to disable this annoying feature, we insist you be running on the latest version of Google Keyboard, just to ensure that the layout of settings hasn’t changed all that much. Once you’re set to go, let’s get right into it.

Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Android

  1. First of all, you need to get into the Google Keyboard’s settings panel. This is accessible as an application from your app drawer, or even as a setting from your Settings application. If you cannot find this application in your app drawer, then navigate to Settings > Languages > Google KeyboardDisable Gesture Typing - 1
  2. This will pop open the settings panel for Google Keyboard, which is stuffed with all kinds of tweaks and tips to improve your typing experience. Anyways, right now, you need to hop into the menu named ‘Gesture Typing‘. Disable Gesture Typing - 2
  3. Right here, you can further find a million options that you can toy with. We suggest you find the best settings for your gesture typing habits and save them. Although, if you completely want to disable it, then tap on the three options which read ‘Enable gesture typing‘, ‘Enable gesture delete‘, and ‘Enable gesture cursor control‘.Disable Gesture Typing - 3
  4. Save the settings, and restart your Android device if the settings don’t affect the keyboard by default.

Nice! The next time you try to type fast, you will not be annoyed by the constant swipe gestures anymore. If you have any issues whatsoever regarding this article, then definitely make sure you hit us down in the comments section.

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  1. No doubt Google Keyboard is one of the best but i am using Swift keyboard and love it. If you have some tips for it, kindly share it.

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