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How to Create a Windows Shortcut to Open a Specific Profile in Chrome

Profiles have stepped up our multi-tasking game to a whole new level. It all started with the different accounts feature on Windows and Mac computers but as the years passed by, everyone started having their own computers, and the need of another user went down dramatically. However, the phase of technology has lead us to multiple social lives, which does require profiles, not for your computer, but for the internet as well.

Not so recently, Google Chrome received an update which brought about the concept of profiles. With this update, you can log into as many as profiles, and create as many as Google accounts. This feature comes in extremely handy when you need to organize the stuff you do on the internet. For example, I’m an author on multiple websites, and keeping bookmarks does make it all crowded in one single profile. The easiest way to organize is to create another profile, dedicated to blogging.

The advantages of having a different profile altogether are the fact that you can create different bookmarks and have different extensions. Moreover, your search history will not merge with the other Chrome profile. So, now that you know all about Google Chrome profiles, let’s have a look on how you can create one, but this time, we will also place it on your desktop, for seamless switching between profiles, rather than having to switch every time you launch Google Chrome.

Create a Windows Shortcut to Open a Specific Profile in Chrome

  1. First off, launch Google Chrome, and then click on the profile badge on the top right-hand corner of the screen. From here, select the profile you would like to pin to your desktop. If not, go ahead and create it now. Google Chrome Profiles - 1
  2. Once switched to the right profile, click on the hamburger-style menu (three bars) on the top right-hand corner, and then hop into Settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down to unveil options for ‘People‘. This is where you will find all of your users and profiles.Google Chrome Profiles - 2
  4. Select the profile you would like to pin on the desktop, and then click on ‘Edit‘. From here, you can choose an avatar for your new profile, and also make sure you check the box which reads ‘Also Add A Desktop Shortcut‘. Google Chrome Profiles - 3
  5. Go ahead and close Google Chrome, and refresh your desktop to find the new profile awaiting your click. Google Chrome Profiles - 4

That’s it for this quick tutorial. If you had any queries, make sure you hit us down in the comments section.

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