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All Blog Tools: OneStop for Blogger Templates, Tools, Tips & Tricks

If you are reading this you have probably heard of Google’s free blogging platform, i.e. Blogger. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an expert blogger if you are not following All Blog Tools you are surely going to lose some pretty awesome information that can help you make your blogger blog better. From templates to tools, from tips to tricks, it has all.

So, what All Blog Tools actually is? Short version: everything a blogger needs to learn about blogging. I came across this website a few months back while searching for some templates.

The homepage contains beautifully designed templates, tools, and articles.

What You Will Get At All Blog Tools:

1. Blogger Templates

Here templates are organized in a way that makes it a lot easier for anyone to find what they are looking for. You can search for templates by topics (e.g. music, movies, sports), layout (e.g. 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns), features (e.g. minimal, ads ready, navigation menu), and colors (e.g. black, blue, red). Along with free templates, you will find some premium templates too. Other than that, there is a new search feature called Advance Blogger Templates Search. It combines all the above-given categories to provide you the best result.

2. Blogger Tools

Firstly, tools and widgets are totally different things. If you are looking for widgets you might have to dive into the articles section. Using the tools available here you can add some extra functionality to your blog posts and can make your blog posts eye-catching too.

3. Blogger Tutorials

If you want to learn something useful than this is the section you should refer to. Like any other blog posts are categorized via labels for easy navigation. But what makes it stand out from the crowd is that all the articles are for blogger (Blogspot) tips and tricks only.

4. Blogs Directory

It is a simple directory where you can submit your blog. The submission process is very easy, just fill the required information in the form (e.g. name of the blog, topic of the blog, etc.) and your submission request will be saved and then your blog will be visited by the creator or its employees. If they find your blog useful and eligible, you will get an email from them that your blog has been added to the directory.

5. Questions & Answers

This is a pretty interesting section of the blog. Here you can ask any question related to your blog. Your questions will be answered by the readers or by the writers themselves. If you want to help, you can answer other questions too. Currently, there are not many questions as this section has been started a few days back only.

Tell in the comments if you find All Blog Tools useful. And if you know of any other useful websites, share them in the comments too!

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