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10 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Android Phone

Photos. Pictures. Memories. Photos are the best way to preserve memorable moments. With the introduction of high-quality cameras in smartphone devices, the need for DSLR’s and digital cameras have reduced. Smartphone manufacturers also make a special effort in improving the camera quality as it has become one among the many main features which people look for in a smartphone. Many people think that the more the MP (megapixels) of the camera the better is its quality. Although, this is not the case. Camera quality depends on various other factors like focal, sensor size, pixel size, touch focus and much more.

Now, you may be thinking that you have all required features and megapixels for taking best quality images but you still don’t know few tips to capture better quality images even with a low MP camera. Here are 10 tips and tricks for taking better photos with Android phone.

Use HDR Mode

HDR mode refers to high dynamic range mode. It is a great mode for taking pictures of stationary objects as it ensures that lightning and shadows are exposed evenly. Generally, it is used for taking photos with high contrast. HDR mode clicks 2 photos of varying exposure together and then combine the best parts of both the photos into one. For taking pictures through HDR mode you should keep your hands steady otherwise, the photo may come blurred.

The Rule of the Thirds

This is one of the most valuable lesson in photography which you should learn if you want to make your photo compositions great. The idea of the rule of the thirds is our eyes are naturally attracted to images which are divided into 3 parts with the image being slightly off-center. You can do this by dividing your camera into 2 horizontal and 2 vertical grids and keeping the subject of your picture in one of the four intersections of these lines to get the best image.

Check Details of your Photos

When you click a photo (terrible or great) always check for its details. This way you will know about ISO, aperture time and exposure at which at the photo was clicked and the quality you got. After few observations, you will know at what aperture time and exposure you should set your camera to get an awesome picture.

Use Volume Button or Touch-Capture to Capture Pictures

Whenever you click a selfie you should prefer Touch to Capture over clicking the normal capture button. By using touch to capture whole your screen becomes the capture button and you can click your picture from whichever angle you want to. Alternatively, you can also use the volume controls for clicking the images. This will make your screen hands free and it will help in taking good quality pictures as there will not be any interruption while clicking the picture.  

Avoid Using Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is the best way to destroy photos taken from a smartphone. Zoom while capturing a photo does nothing except enlarging and cropping a photo. You can also do it after you have taken the photo. You should only use zoom feature if your smartphone has optical zoom i.e. the camera lens thrust forward from the device.

Don’t Use Flash

Pictures which are clicked in natural light are best. Since LED flash are located near the lens of the smartphone cameras, therefore, they have an unpleasant glaring effect on your picture. If the natural light is low then instead of using flash, increase the exposure value and ISO on your camera.

Use Filters

There are people who literally destroy the photo by applying a bunch of filters at the same time. But for any casual photographer, filters like retro, black-white, Windmere and islandia add a great value to the pictures.

Use Quick-launch Button

Most Android devices nowadays come with a shortcut to quickly launch the camera. Instead of using the dedicated button you should use the shortcut to open camera because it will help you to quickly click a moment which you will definitely miss if you will dedicate camera button.

Clean Your Lens

Before clicking a picture make sure your camera lens is cleaned. The camera lens is exposed to moisture and humidity so they get dirty easily thus resulting in a blurry image. Therefore every time you click a picture remember to clean your lens.

Use Landscape Mode

Pictures clicked in 16:9 media format are always better and appealing so until there is a need to use portrait mode (like clicking a taller picture of something) always use landscape mode.

These were the 10 tips which will help you to capture better photos with your Android phone. Feel free to share this article with your friends on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

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