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OP Auto Clicker Review – Popular, Functional and Light-speed

Today, there are just so many auto clickers in the market to choose from, but most of them come with embedded bugs that can harm your device. OP Auto Clicker on the other hand is one of the best and most used auto clickers, particularly by gamers. This auto clicking software offers a plethora of advanced functions while being perfectly safe to use.

If you are in a dilemma and you want to be absolutely sure before downloading this software, then you are in the right place. In this article, we shall discuss how to download and run the software, its salient features, and its uses. Gamers, you might want to read till the end of the article because we have picked out some of the best games you can play using this auto clicker.

What is OP Auto Clicker?

For the unversed, OP Auto Clicker is a software that will allow you to automate various mouse and keyboard clicks on your device. You can customize the click rate, location, and every other related aspect as per your need. It is instrumental in saving time and reducing the effort of doing repetitive tasks manually. Gamers significantly benefit from using such software to play games like Cookie Clicker, Minecraft, etc. This software is presently available for use on any Windows device.

How to download the OP Auto Clicker?

It is like downloading any other application. You should be sure that you go to their official website. This way you can keep your device safe and prevent any malware from being downloaded on it. All you need to do is go to the website and click on the ‘Download’ button. The download starts automatically and takes merely a few seconds. Now if you click on the downloaded file, a small window opens. This is the interface of the OP Auto Clicker where all the settings and parameters will be visible to you.

How to use it?

Once you have successfully downloaded the file and opened the interface, you can now adjust the various parameters to suit your needs. Here you can configure-

  1. Click interval- you can manipulate the interval between two consecutive clicks to get a certain number of clicks per second. If you wish to play any click-based game like AdVenture Capitalist, you shall set the interval value in milliseconds to get more number of clicks per second.
  2. Click type- you need to specify what kind of click it is that you want automated: left, right, or middle. You also need to determine whether you want a single or double click.
  3. Click repeat- you have to decide whether you want the clicker to click for a finite number of times (as specified by you) or it should keep clicking until you stop it.
  4. Cursor location- you can either have the clicker follow the dynamic location of your cursor or you can set the coordinates for a fixed location on the screen.
  5. Hotkey settings- F6 is the default hotkey using which you can start and stop the clicker. However, if you want you can change it to any hotkey of your choice.

OP Auto Clicker will also allow you to record the actions from one session and replay it in the next sessions. This will reduce your effort further.

Why should you go for it?

  1. Spares your hardware of wear and tear.
  2. Clean auto clicker with no bugs or malware.
  3. Tried and tested by users; backed by good reviews.
  4. Simulates mouse clicks seamlessly.
  5. Offer unlimited clicking at a very fast rate.
  6. Allows freedom of customization.
  7. Simple hotkey start and stop.
  8. Offers a ‘Record and Playback’ option.
  9. Compatible with most games; works smoothly without any glitches.

Uses of the OP Auto Clicker

  • By now you must have understood that auto clickers are a major advantage for gamers. If you are particularly into playing idle or clicker games, an auto clicker is your best bet at fast progress. Gamers who use a Windows OS are often found using this particular software.
  • Not just gamers, developers, and programmers of games also use this software to detect bugs in the preliminary versions of their game.
  • For data entry experts, whose job is putting the same entries over time, OP auto clicker can be used to automate the entire process. It will not just relieve the person, but will also make the overall process faster and less prone to errors.
  • In case you have a job where you have to keep checking your mail frequently and you hit the refresh button over and over again, you can just use an auto clicker to do the job. You can set an appropriate click interval and specify the location coordinates of the refresh button.
  • You can also use this software to keep your screen from locking.

List of recommended games to try out with OP Auto Clicker-

  1. Realm Grinder: You are the ruler of a small kingdom and you need to expand it. Every time you click on any part of your kingdom you collect some coins. With the coins, you build structures like inns and blacksmiths and they automatically generate more coins for you.

If you use the OP auto clicker, you can earn coins without clicking. As the clicker will click faster than you, in a given time you can collect way more coins, and progress faster.

  1. Cookie Clicker: You have to click on the big cookie on your screen to collect small cookies, using which you can build your own cookie empire. For each click on the big cookie, you earn one small cookie. If you set the click interval of your OP auto clicker to its minimum possible value in milliseconds, and let the clicker click for an unspecified, infinite time, you will see that in no time you have grown your empire twice or thrice the size that you started off with.
  2. Clicker Heroes: Here you are an individual warrior who has to defeat monsters by clicking on them. For every single click, you inflict single-point damage. Now, if you employ the OP Auto Clicker and use a combination of single and double clicks, at minimum click interval, you shall be able to defeat the monster in seconds. You can use the clicker in the ‘dynamic cursor’ mode to make sure you click on the monster itself for maximum damage.


OP Auto Clicker is a free software and does not charge you anything. It is safe and its developers keep upgrading it from time to time. It does not show you any annoying ads and occupies very little space on your device. It is a great tool to save your time and effort, whilst extending your mouse’s lifespan.

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