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How to Get Offline Maps in Windows 10

Are you an avid user of your PC? Are you the one who always holds your tablet or laptop wherever and whenever you travel? Then you don’t need to worry about the routes while travelling even if your mobile is switched off. Your Windows 10 PC or tablet can be your saviour in such cases where you don’t have an internet connection or your mobile is out of charge and is switched off.

Let’s see how can we get offline maps in Windows 10 PC and use it without an internet connection. With the advent of Android, the usage of Maps has drastically increased in the smartphones. Thanks to Google for making the maps feature more feasible. But Microsoft has left no stone unturned while designing its Windows 10 operating system. It tried to add a number of features to its operating system. Windows 10 maps being one of them is powered by Bing is not much accurate than Google Maps. You can now download the offline map of an entire country and use it. While in Android you can just download and save the offline map of 50Km*50KM only for 30 days.

Get Offline Maps in Windows 10

Hope your PC is currently running on Windows 10. Let’s see how we can get offline maps in Windows 10 maps app.

  1. Click on Start button and select Maps app from the “Most used” list. If you are unable to find Maps app in the “Most used” list, then click on All apps section.
  2. Scroll down until you find Maps app. Click on the Maps app to launch it.
  3. Maps application window will appear on the screen. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the application window.
  4. Click on the “Download or update maps” button under Offline maps. The Settings window will open right away on the screen.
  5. Click on Offline maps section in the left pane of the settings window.  Now click on the Download maps option  under Maps.
  6. Download maps window containing a list of 6 continents will appear on the screen. Select the continent in which the country you want is located.
  7. Once you select a continent, you can see the list of available country maps in the window. You can also see the download size of the map.
  8. Select the country which you wish to save. Now a list of states or regions within that country will appear in the windows. If you want to save the maps of the entire country, then click on All regions option.
  9. Now you can see the download progress under the Map section.Once the download is completed, you can see the list of downloaded maps under the maps section.
  10. If you want to delete any map which you have downloaded, then select the map which you want to delete and click on the Delete option.
  11. If you wish to update the downloaded map, then click on the Check now button to update the maps.

That’s it. Now you can use the downloaded maps in your Windows 10 PC even without network connection.

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