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How to Forget a Saved WiFi Network in Windows 10

Microsoft has brought a lot of new features and improvements in the Windows 10 which are quite useful. Microsoft’s fabled voice search assistant Cortana is one of the major features embedded in Windows 10. There’s also a huge changeover in the user-interface which is kind of both good and not-so good in my opinion. One of the changes which I personally observed is the lack of option to forget the saved WiFi networks right from the task bar.

When you connect to a wireless network on your PC, it saves the WiFi password so that your PC gets automatically connected to the network. However, it may happen that you change the WiFi password and you need to change the password. But Windows 10 doesn’t provide any option to forget a saved WiFi network in the WiFi network panel. Moreover the Settings app in Windows 10 replaces the classic Control Panel which we are used to.

The settings app in Windows 10 takes some time to getting used to its features. Today we will see how to forget a saved WiFi network in Windows 10.

Forget a Saved WiFi Network in Windows 10

Well, deleting or forgetting a saved WiFi network in Windows 10 is quite simple and doesn’t involve a hectic procedure. Follow the below simple steps:

  1. Click on the WiFi network icon in the task bar. A window will appear with the list of WiFi networks.How-to-Forget-a-Saved-Wifi-Network-in-Windows-10-screenshot1
  2. Now click on the “Network settings” option. Settings window will appear right away on the screen. Then click on the WiFi section.How-to-Forget-a-Saved-Wifi-Network-in-Windows-10-screenshot2
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Manage WiFi settings option . Manage WiFi settings window will appear on the screen.How-to-Forget-a-Saved-Wifi-Network-in-Windows-10-screenshot3
  4. Scroll down until you find Manage known networks section. Under this section you can see the list of saved  WiFi networks. Click on the network profile which you wish to forget.How-to-Forget-a-Saved-Wifi-Network-in-Windows-10-screenshot4
  5. Now click on the Forget button to delete the saved WiFi network profile.

That’s it. Now you can see that the WiFi network profile is deleted. Remember if you forget a network, its password will be removed and you have to enter the password again to connect with that network. Isn’t it as simple as we have said?

Did you like this approach of managing your WiFi networks? Let us know through your comments in the below comments section.

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