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How to Enable CTRL+C / Ctrl+V for Pasting in the Windows Command Prompt

Windows Command Prompt is one of the most commonly used feature in Windows to execute commands. But the most annoying thing in this Windows command prompt is that you can’t paste the commands directly using the keyboard shortcuts. You need a mouse to perform this task.

One of the solution for this shortcoming in the Windows command prompt is to use quick AutoHotkey script to enable pasting from the keyboard. AutoHotkey script takes the clipboard contents and uses the SendInput function to send the keystrokes to the command prompt window.

Enabling CTRL + C / Ctrl + V in Windows Command Prompt

1. Using Command Prompt Settings

It’s quite easy to enable Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V in Windows command prompt. All you need to do is just follow the below simple steps.

  1. Open the Run command in your PC by using the Window + R keyboard shortcut keys. Type cmd in the text box and hit the enter key to launch command prompt. You can also launch command prompt by searching it in the Windows Start menu.Run-command-prompt
  2. Windows Command Prompt window will appear on the screen. Right-click on the window title bar and select Properties option.Command-prompt-properties
  3. Command Prompt properties window will appear on the screen. Firstly select the Enable experimental console features checkbox.
  4. Then, enable the keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the “Enable new Ctrl key shortcuts” checkbox.  Click on the Ok button.Enable-ctrl-key-shortcuts

That’s it. You can now copy and paste the commands using the Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V keys.

2. Using Key Combinations 

This option is not that convenient to use. Launch the Windows Command Prompt on your PC. All you need to do is just press Alt + Space key combination, then hit E key, and then P key. Now you can paste the commands in the console window.cmd-edit-paste

3. Using AutoHotKey Script

Firstly you need to install the AutoHotkey on your PC. Download the AutoHotkey from the below download section and install it on your PC. Create a new AutoHotkey script by pasting the below code:

#IfWinActive ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass
SendInput {Raw}%clipboard%

If you find it difficult creating new AutoHotkey script, then download the scipt from the below download section. Double-click on the downloaded script to start it.


That’s it. Isn’t it simple?

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