100+ Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts and Function Keys

Most of us have a friend or somebody we know who seems like a computer wizard. People like these use the mouse as less as possible and will do most things with a flick of their fingers on the keyboard. It’s nothing magical though and is pretty easy. All it takes is a little practice and it does make things very convenient. All one has to do is to learn and use keyboard shortcuts. There are plenty of Chromebook keyboard shortcuts too, like any other desktop OS. You need a Chromebook to experience the OS. Windows and Linux users can give it a try by running Chrome OS directly from a USB drive.

You might be forgiven to think Chrome OS probably doesn’t have as many keyboard shortcuts as a Mac or Windows computer. After all, Chrome OS is a very slimmed down version of an OS. It’s basically the Chrome web browser running on top of the Linux kernel. It still packs in a lot of keyboard shortcuts though. There are so many keyboard shortcuts and function keys for various browser functions of Chrome itself. On Chromebook, you get even more since the browser is also handling all of the other systems.

Below is a rather huge table of various Chrome OS or Chromebook keyboard shortcuts and what they do.

100+ Chromebook Shortcuts

There are a lot of Chromebook shortcuts and no one can possibly remember them all. Fortunately, nobody has to. Everyone uses their devices differently. Some people use their Chrome OS device to browse content on the web and maybe type a bit of email and messages. Some people will write long articles, and others probably use it just to consume media content.

Naturally, everyone has a different workflow along with different requirements. Your most used functions will be very different than mine. So just try to remember a couple of these Chromebook keyboard shortcuts and try to incorporate them in your workflow. Once you get used to them,  you won’t need to remember them or remember to use them. It becomes natural after a point. Then you can move onto the next couple of keyboard shortcuts that you think will make life easy.

Using these Chrome OS shortcuts, you can take screenshots on Chromebook, open task manager, zoom in or out, control browser settings and manage URLs, create, open and save files, navigate a page, and do lots more. You can also download the compete list of keyboard shortcuts as a PDF file from the end of this article.

Basic Chromebook Function Keys

Ctrl + POpen Print dialog
Ctrl + SSave the current webpage
Ctrl + RRefresh the page
Ctrl + Shift + RRefresh the page without loading cache
Ctrl + OOpen a file
Ctrl + HView History
Ctrl + JOpen Downloads
Ctrl + DBookmark current page
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmark all open tabs
Ctrl + Shift + BToggle bookmarks bar
Alt + EOpen Chrome’s menu
Search + EscOpen Task Manager
Ctrl + UView page source
Ctrl + Shift + IOpen the Developer Tools panel

Navigating Tabs and Windows

Ctrl + NOpen new window
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen new incognito window
Ctrl + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Shift + WClose current window
Ctrl + Shift + TReopen last closed tab
Ctrl + 1 — Ctrl + 8Switch to tab 1-8
Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab
Ctrl +TabMove to next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabMove to prior tab
Ctrl + ClickOpen link in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + ClickOpen link in a new tab and switch to it immediately
Shift + ClickOpen link in a new window

Apps and Shelf Shortcuts

Alt + 1 — Alt + 8Open shelf apps 1-8
Alt + 9Open the last app on the shelf
Alt + TabSwitch to the last-opened app; keep pressing to cycle through apps
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch to least recently opened app; keep pressing to cycle through apps
Alt + [Pin the current app to the left side of the screen
Alt + ]Pin the current app to the right side of the screen
Alt + Equals (=)Maximize current window
Alt + Minus (-)Minimize current window
Search + Alt + MMove window between screens (when using multiple monitors)

Webpage Navigation Shortcuts

Ctrl + Plus (+)Zoom in
Ctrl + Minus (-)Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 (Zero)Reset zoom to 100%
Ctrl + FSearch the current page
Alt + LeftGo back one page
Alt + RightGo forward one page
Alt + UpScroll the page up. Equivalent to Page Up key in Windows
Alt + DownScroll the page down. Equivalent to Page Down key in Windows
Ctrl + Alt + UpJump to the top of the page. Equivalent to Home key in Windows
Ctrl + Alt + DownJump to the bottom of the page. Equivalent to End key in Windows

Chrome OS System Shortcuts

Shift + Alt + NShow notifications
Ctrl + Forward Slash (/)Open Help
Ctrl + Alt + Forward Slash (/)Show Chrome OS shortcuts reference window
Search + LLock screen
Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice)Sign out of Google account
Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+)Increase screen resolution
Ctrl + Shift + Minus (-)Decrease screen resolution
Ctrl + Shift + Zero (0)Reset screen resolution
Alt + Brightness Up/DownIncrease/decrease keyboard backlight (if applicable)
Ctrl + Window SwitcherTake a screenshot of the entire screen
Ctrl + Shift + Window SwitcherTake a screenshot of a selected region
Ctrl + Full ScreenToggle external monitor modes (if applicable)

Text Editing Shortcuts

Alt + SearchToggle Caps Lock
Alt + BackspaceDelete next character. Equivalent to Delete key on Windows
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete the previous word
Ctrl + Alt + BackspaceDelete next word
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + LSelect all text in the address bar
Ctrl + Right/LeftMove the cursor to the next/previous word
Ctrl + Shift + Right/LeftSelect next/previous word
Shift + Search + Right/LeftSelect all text to the end/beginning of the current line
Ctrl + Search + Right/LeftJump to the end/beginning of a text field/document
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste without formatting
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo

Trackpad Shortcuts and Swipe Gestures

Alt + ClickEquivalent to a right-click
Click with three fingersEquivalent to a middle-click
Swipe up or down with two fingersScroll up or down on the page
Swipe right/left with two fingersGo forward/back one page
Swipe down with three fingersEquivalent to the Window Switcher key
Swipe right/left with three fingersMove between open Chrome tabs

Accessibility/Advanced Navigation Shortcuts

Shift + Alt + BHighlight bookmarks bar; use arrows to navigate
Shift + Alt + THighlight the icons in the address bar row
Shift + Alt + SHighlight the status area at the bottom-right
Shift + Alt+ LHighlight the first shelf icon
Ctrl + BackMove to the previous keyboard-accessible area on the screen
Ctrl + ForwardMove to next keyboard-accessible area on the screen
Shift + Search + Volume UpOpens the right-click menu for the highlighted element
Search + Ctrl + HToggle high contrast mode
Search + Ctrl + MMagnify the entire screen
Search + Ctrl + DMagnify part of the screen
Ctrl + Alt + ZToggle ChromeVox, the built-in screen reader

Miscellaneous Shrotcuts

Ctrl + EnterAdd “www.” and “.com” to text in the address bar and open page
Ctrl + Period (.)Show hidden files in Files app
Search + 1 — Search + Equals (=)Use F keys (F1 through F12)
Ctrl + Alt + Period (.)Switch to next user (if applicable)
Ctrl + Alt + Comma (,)Switch to the previous user (if applicable)
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceCycle between keyboard languages (if applicable)
Alt + Shift + MOpen Files app

With a hope that these Chromebook shortcuts and function keys will help you perform a range of tasks quickly and easily, I wind up my list here. Should I find any other keyboard shortcuts, I’ll update this list. Meanwhile, if you want keep the above-mentioned Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for future reference, you can download this PDF file.

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