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5 Tips to Help Rejuvenate Your Computer

Computers are most important part of today’s world. There were times when computers were only used by scientists, astronauts, and other high-profile professionals. Now that technology has taken over us, every household in this world has at least 1 PC. Computers, notebooks, and laptops have become so cheap that whenever a problem occurs, we replace them.

Most of the problems which occur in your computer can be easily removed and your computer can be easily rejuvenated if you maintain your computer. You go to a doctor for regular check up every 6 months, you change your car’s oil regularly, redesign your home interior every few years. Everything in this world requires maintenance and your computer is no different.

Here we will share 5 tips to help rejuvenate your computer. Try these first before buying a new computer.

Your desktop is a not a storage area. Don’t place high storage files on your desktop. Clear, organize and delete the high storage files present on your desktop. This will help your CPU and processor to clear some RAM which will result in speeding of your computer. Also, clear files from trash folders, recycle bin and clear your cache to remove redundancy files.

  • Recycle Your Hardware

Recycling hardware is one of the best ways to make sure that your PC runs long. The CPU, monitor, and other connection cords should be renewed and recycled regularly for long lasting effect on your PC. Further, you should also label the cords according to their use. This will make the cords easy to find and clean as they will only be used for their specific purpose.

  • Keep the Apps which you Really Use

There is an 80-20 rule on the apps which you really use. By 80-20 rule, we mean that there are only 20% of the total apps which you use 80% of the time. If you want your computer to respond to your command faster, then you should delete those apps which you rarely use. You can decide which app is usable or not by searching whether you have used that app in past one year or not.

  • Tune Up Your PC

If you think that your PC is slowing down then it is time to tune it up or else it may tune itself down. Use antivirus software to protect it from viruses, malware, and spyware. As the technology has progressed we have seen that latest antivirus software are launched with features such as backup protection, disk cleanup, cache cleanup which help you to tune up your PC.

  • Store your Photos in Cloud

After the emergence of smartphones in the electronic world, digital photos have become quite common. Most of our selfies and group photos are stored on our PC to save smartphone storage. These photos occupy around 3.5 MB data and there are tons of photos stored on your PC which might make your computer slower. To be specific, you should not stuff the hard drive on which Windows OS is installed. You should save your files on other drives instead. The best way to get rid of this problem is to store your photos on the cloud. Two famous cloud services are Apple iPhoto and Google Photos. They are available free of cost and offer features like tagging and face recognization which helps in organizing the photos and make them easily searchable.

These were 5 tips to help rejuvenate your computer. If you like this article, feel free to share it on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help Rejuvenate Your Computer”

  1. I’d be interested in knowing exactly how having pictures on my hard drive “slow my computer down”!! How the heck did you come up with this statement?

    1. The concept behind that statement was nowadays each photo is of approximately 2 mb. There are tons of photos in our computer which occupy much space. And if our hard disk is of 250 GB or 500 GB and out of it 240 GB or 490 GB is occupied then storing these photos on cloud will save memory which in turn will result in speed up of the computer.

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