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WFHers Shop, Play Games, Watch Netflix & Use Socials- A Study

The global pandemic opened the door for many to stop going into the office and start working from their beds, home offices, kitchens, sofas, etc. Work from home has become the new normal after the global pandemic hit our lives.

With that, many new ways of coexistence with work have emerged. Moreover, workers are surprisingly stating that their productivity has gone up since they moved from the offices into a more laid-back setting of working from their homes.

One survey of remote workers shows which activities they get up to parallel to working from home. Most of them involve technological distractions, even though there are other things that they get up to whilst working from home during business hours.

For example, almost four in 10 say that they are mostly distracted by people they live with, as well as pets. For parents who work from home, it is even harder to completely separate private from professional. Almost one in three parents who work from home take care of their children during working hours every day.

Social Media, Instant Messaging & Shopping Apps Are Popular

Those who have been working from home throughout the last year report their biggest distraction is mobile phones (according to 56%). The second place belongs to social media, as 44% marked it as their biggest distraction during business hours when working from home. Finally, 14% also struggle with being distracted by incoming calls.

Furthermore, the most used social media for 66% of them is Facebook. For 52% of them, it is Instagram. Also, YouTube is a big distraction for 48% of those who work from home. Apart from those platforms, Twitter (24%), TikTok (14%), and Snapchat (12%) are also distractions for WFHers.

Some workers are spending more and some less time on social media unrelated to work during business hours. One-quarter of them spend under half an hour a day on social media unrelated to work. Also, three in 10 spend between 30 minutes and a whole hour on social media use during business hours when they should be working instead. Likewise, 28% of them spend over an hour doing so.

Besides social media, instant messaging apps are also very popular as a distraction among those who work from home. One in two of the survey’s respondents said they use instant messaging apps unrelated to work during working hours.

But these are not the only apps they use. The list goes on and another favorite is shopping apps. Around 41% of remote workers use them while working from home to look at different items to buy.

Exposing one’s eyes to smartphones, TVs, PCs a lot might have a harmful impact not only on our eyesight but may also aggravate sleeplessness and mental stress. That is why we must keep the blue light filter on your digital devices with a display.

Netflix is a clear favorite

Among other things, remote workers are also reporting that they watch on-demand streaming services during their time of working from home. More than one in two (55%) watches Netflix and other such providers when they should be working instead. Every third correspondent explained that they watch it for over an hour a day when they should be working instead.

Another way to pass the time when working from home is to play video games. Around 36% of them say they play video games on their laptops, PCs, smartphones, consoles, etc. Out of all the survey participants who admit they play video games, 42% do so for between half an hour and a whole hour.


Being relaxed at home where the private and professional blend into one setting means it is harder to stay away from being distracted while working. While it is easier to relax at home, it can mean that WFHers can get comfortable and get down to work. However, at the same time, it is also easier to fall down into a trap of being distracted by everything that surrounds them.

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