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7 Most Useful Laptop Longevity Tips and Tricks

Once you decide to invest in a laptop, it’s obvious that you want the device to last as long as possible. Most laptops start showing their age around the three or four-year mark. After that, it’s all about finding ways to squeeze every bit of performance out of your laptop. Follow the laptop longevity tips described below to keep in great working condition for years.

Getting your laptop to last longer begins with the type of hardware you have. Many gaming laptops use such modern technology that they can last for years without showing any signs of aging. In addition, a laptop’s longevity is also affected by your day-to-day habits. Taking care of both the hardware and the software in your laptop contributes to a longer lifespan.

Even if you are super careful about maintenance, you’re still going to notice your laptop slowing down over the years. Before this begins to happen, use the following longevity tips and tricks to get a few extra years out of your laptop:

1. Keep your laptop cool

Overheating is a major culprit that shortens the life of your laptop’s components. When your CPU, GPU, battery, and other components have to work really hard, they start generating lots of heat. High temperatures can cause what is known as thermal throttling, which is when your CPU intentionally degrades performance just to get rid of the excess heat.

The older your laptop is, the more likely your vents and fans are full of dust and debris, which can get in the way of air circulation. Without proper circulation, your laptop is prone to overheat as it struggles to perform properly. Consider investing in a cooling pad to keep your laptop at healthy temperatures.

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2. Keep your laptop clean

As mentioned earlier, dust and debris that get trapped in your laptop can raise temperatures, which decreases performance. Compressed air is a great tool for blowing all the dust stuck in your fans and vents. The compressed air works well because it blows everything away without coming in contact to the sensitive parts of your laptop.

clean laptop

In addition, don’t let your laptop get too dirty. Nothing ages a laptop’s appearance more than a buildup of filth, dirt, and grime. Make sure you clear off food crumbs, scrub away stains, and do a routine dedusting to keep your laptop in pristine condition.

3. Look for a durable laptop

Durable materials go a long way in helping your laptop to last for multiple years. The materials used for your trackpad, keyboard, and display all impact your laptop’s responsiveness and enjoyability. Some budget laptops use cheaper materials to lower costs, but it causes a poor user experience for their customers.

Quality materials have a considerable impact on the longevity you can expect from your laptop, especially if your lifestyle involves taking the laptop on the go. When you invest in a laptop made from durable materials like metal, aluminum or magnesium, you don’t have to fear the occasional scratches or drops.

ASUS is known for producing durable laptops that have passed rigorous testing. The wide range of quality assessments may include drop tests, vibration tests, altitude tests, temperature tests, among numerous others. Many products in the ASUS ZenBook lineup come with military-grade durability, ensuring these laptops are built to last in tough environments.

4. Personalize your laptop’s software

Your laptop comes with a variety of software that may not be essential to your everyday use. If you mostly use your laptop for gaming, there might be some business software that you only use once in a blue moon. While you don’t need to uninstall these programs completely, you can minimize their impact on your laptop’s performance. For example, turn off their automatic updates and disable background settings that draw computing power away from your main applications.

By customizing your laptop’s software for the task at hand, you can limit the amount of stress placed on your machine. In the long term, this meticulous attention to detail will help to increase your laptop’s longevity.

5. Limit how often you shut down your laptop

laptop power button

Keeping your laptop powered on is a simple habit that extends the life of your machine. Every time you turn your laptop on from a completely off state, it stresses the device. While it may seem counterintuitive, leaving your laptop on all day is better for your battery, screen, and other components.

If you use your laptop periodically throughout the day, just leave it on and let the sleep cycle save energy when the device isn’t in use. Once you’re done with the laptop, then you can shut it down until the next day.

6. Invest in more RAM

One of the best longevity tips and tricks is to extend your laptop’s life using RAM. Random Access Memory is crucial for storing temporary files that your laptop needs when you have a program open. The more programs you have open at once, the more temporary files your laptop will need to create and access.

Adding more RAM prevents your laptop from using your storage device for temporary files, which is 10x slower compared to RAM. With additional RAM, you can increase your laptop’s ability to handle resource-intensive programs and new updates that require lots of computing power. To avoid the hassle of upgrading, simply purchase a laptop that comes with lots of memory available, such as the ASUS VivoBook S.

7. Reinstall your operating system

If nothing you’re trying helps your laptop go faster, you can try a clean install of your operating system. Reinstalling the operating system is a type of hard reset that’s worth considering as your laptop gets older. Doing a complete reinstall will delete all your files and restore your laptop to how it was on the day of your purchase.

After backing up your files, type “Update and Security” into the Start menu and click on ‘Recovery’ on the left-hand side. Under “Reset this PC”, you can click “Get Started” to have Windows walk you through the installation process. Before going through with the reinstallation, make sure to save your website bookmarks, activation keys, and logins for all programs that you use.

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