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Translate YouTube Videos into Any Language

In my last article, I described how we can watch YouTube videos on smartphones with a locked screen. Today, I’ll be telling you a way to translate and watch YouTube videos in our preferred language. You can do this on Android, iOS, and Windows.

You are scrolling through YouTube and notice a new video that has gathered thousands of likes. You go ahead and watch it, but unfortunately, it turns out to be entirely in a foreign language. Although you could feed that video to any speech to text app. It will then extract all texts of the video. You will then copy-paste the entire text over to Google Translate and convert it to your desired language. Frankly speaking, I doubt any of the users are ever going to take such a long route. So, to counter all these issues, we have come up with an interesting guide. It explains how you could translate any YouTube video to the language of your choice. Let us see how this could be done.

Translate YouTube Videos Online

  1. Open any browser and go to the Votch website.
  2. Tap on the Sign In button present at the top right. Then go to Register and create a new account.automatic youtube video translation
  3. Now you will be taken to your account’s dashboard. Click on New Dubbing video dubbing option
  4. Next, enter the to-be translated YouTube video’s URL in the text box next to Video URL. At this stage, you will also have to choose the language of the original video. You may do so from the Original language drop-down list.enter youtube video url for translation
  5. Click on Start once you have entered the URL as well as input the language.
  6. Now the website will take a few seconds in initiating the video. Once it finishes initiating the video, you will automatically be taken to the Sessions section. There you could see your chosen video.create video dubbing session
  7. Next to the video will be the Launch button. Click on it.
  8. From this screen, you may translate your YouTube video to any language of your choice.
  9. On the left bar, first of all, select the gender for the translated voice that you want to hear.
  10. Just beneath that will be the option for Language selection. Select the language in which you want the translated video.translating youtube video
  11. Once you made the selection, click on Create xx dub, where xx will be your chosen language. It is only a matter of seconds before you get your translated YouTube video. In my case, a near about 4-minute video was converted from English to Hindi in approx 15 seconds.
  12. You will see a small dialog with your translated video embedded in it. Simply click on the play button and listen to your translated YouTube video.dubbed youtube video

With this, we conclude the guide on how to translate YouTube videos to any language of your choice. If you are wondering how this website works, then here is what I could get out of it. First, it transcribes your videos to text using a text to speech software. Then it uses a translator for converting the extracted text to the language of your choice. Finally, it repacks all this into the male or female voice. Doing all this in a matter of a few seconds is quite a commendable job, to say the least.

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