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How to Stream Torrent Files in Chrome Browser

It has been quite a while since torrents, one of the most powerful and fast search engines was blocked, leaving us with a farewell message. It was really sad to see such a site shut down. Some sites like were alive and there was still hope among the masses that the sites will return back by changing their domain name. Finally, a couple of weeks ago they did come back. The domain name has been changed to It’s indexing a bit fewer sites this time. For older sites prefer Using the tips described below, you can stream torrent files in Chrome Browser directly.

Now, we all like to watch the latest releases of movies from torrents. But for that, we have to first download it and then only we can watch it. What if I say there is no need to download them anymore. I know upgrading to pro has a cost and all of us don’t get credit cards so easily, but this trick doesn’t require any of that stuff. So without any delay let’s get started. If you use torrent downloaders and get irritated with ads, read our tutorial on getting rid of ads on uTottent and BitTorrent.


  • Chrome Browser (I haven’t tried it with any other browsers yet, go ahead and use any you feel like but if you’re facing issues then I would recommend Chrome for you).
  • uTorrent or BitTorrent.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for streaming videos (2 Mbps for 720p and 4 Mbps for 1080p)

Note- If you are equipped with the benefits of CDN (Cloud Distribution Network) and peering which allows your files in a torrent to download at a much higher speed than your original bandwidth then I must say, you’re in luck.

Steps to Stream Torrents in Chrome

  1. Browse to your preferred torrent site (for example-
  2. Then open a video, movie, or music torrent of your own choice.torrent download page
  3. Then, click on the magnet link to grab the torrent file (make sure uTorrent is installed).
  4. If you see the screen below don’t panic, the metadata of the torrent is being downloaded.utorrent settings
  5. After that, hit ok and the torrent will begin to download.
  6. Set the bandwidth to high in order to avoid any lag while playing videos.bandwidth allocation in u torrent
  7. Now, select the file you are downloading and look for the files tab in the bottom-left part of the screen.
  8. Once located, select the main video file (one with the title or maximum file size).
  9. Right-click on it and select the Copy Stream URL option.copy stream url to chrome
  10. Now, move on to chrome and open up a new tab.
  11. Then, paste that link into the browser and wait for the link to open.
  12. After that, you will see a box with a white banner having a play button.
  13. Click on it and wait (It depends on your internet connection whether or not the video will lag).

You should now be able to stream torrents in Chrome Browser.

Important Things to Note

  • This method has some extension limits. File types such as .mkv cannot be streamed so try and look for .mp4 or .mp3 formats.
  • Don’t ever stop the downloading torrent once the streaming has begun. It doesn’t work like that. If you stop the torrent from downloading the file the streaming will be paused. Yes, this does mean that you can download it as well as stream it at the same time. It’s a very similar experience as to having an upgraded version of uTorrent.
  • Now, for the .mkv formats, you can still try this method but instead of streaming the file chrome will start downloading it. The same will be for any type of files (.pdf,.iso,etc) or folders (games, etc).

Anyway, it will prevent the hassle of paying to websites like ZbigZ for getting the file to download from IDM instead of the torrent. If you don’t know how to use BitTorrent, follow the steps given in our tutorial on downloading torrents using BitTorrent.

You can also adjust the size of the video, skip it and pause it like in a normal video player. Phew… That was one heck of a trick. But we know that it’s worth it. Don’t forget to pop your popcorns. By the way, I love cheese flavor. If you have any queries related to this post, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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