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How to Play YouTube Videos with Screen Locked

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming websites on the internet. However, there always has been one problem that users have faced. It is that you can’t play YouTube videos with the screen off or screen locked. But now it is not the case. While doing our research, we have found that there are 3 ways by which we can play YouTube videos with the screen locked or off. Following are the below 3 methods:

For this method to work you first need to install Mozilla Firefox application on your smartphone. Follow the below steps for this method to work:

  1. Download and install the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your smartphone.
  2. Head to YouTube from the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  3. On the top right side of the page click on 3 dots (setting option).
  4. Now, choose the option request desktop site.

Now, you will be able to play YouTube videos with the screen locked.

  • YouTube Music Key Subscription Service

The features which make YouTube Music Key Subscription Service awesome are that it provides us with offline and background access to YouTube videos and music. But this service is not available for free. You have to pay a $9.99 monthly fee to get access to these features. It will also give you an ad-free YouTube experience. After getting the subscription, just go to YouTube app, choose Background and Offline. Do make sure that Playback is set to always on.

  • Sony Xperia Small Apps

As the name suggests, this feature is only available for Sony Xperia devices. This feature uses the “Small Apps” present in Xperia devices. Here’s how to use this feature:

  1. Download and install Media Viewer from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open Small Apps by pressing recent apps button and clicking on the arrow present at the bottom left-hand side.
  3. In Small Apps, click on Web Videos app.
  4. Now a pop-up will be opened which will allow you to search for videos and play them even when your screen is off. Although this app has its own limitations and it does not provide all the features of YouTube, but you can’t get everything every time perfectly, right?

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