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How to Play YouTube in Background on iPhone

YouTube is one of the video sharing platform which is by the time is considered as one of the best video sharing platforms. It was made and developed by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. But soon after it became a hit, the renowned company and the heart of the internet, Google Inc. bought it for US$ 1.64 billion.

Now YouTube works as a subsidiary of the Google Inc. In today’s world wherever if a video is to be shared or if people want to watch any video related contents, the first preference is set out for YouTube. YouTube as a brand is expanding in a such a manner like a fire is set in the forest. YouTube covers almost 95% of the world’s internet population making it the biggest video sharing platform.

Now as we all know people use mobiles and cellular devices for most of the purposes, especially if they have to settle down for web surfing or video surfing. But when we talk about quality video surfing in a mobile or cellular device, it should definitely be a smartphone. When we talk about smartphones, the first impression is usually of Apple iPhone. From the beginning, it has made a mark in the smartphone category and was always welcomed by the customers’ every time a new update is given to it.

Though YouTube belongs to Google Inc. (arch rival of Apple Inc. in smartphone operating system) it was available for iPhone too, so that users can stay connected to YouTube with any device. When Apple Inc. introduced its iOS 8 for the iPhone, there was a bug (problem) or we can say an added feature which was seen in iPhones, i.e., users can listen to the audio from the YouTube app even when the screen was turned off.

This feature was a boon when it was found to be present in the new operating system of the iPhone. But very soon after it was detected, this feature was eliminated from the iPhone. From then, people went on searching for the methods to pull back the feature on their iPhone.

But there is no point of worrying, we have found out the method to again make that mesmerising feature available for you, so that you could play your favourite song anywhere you want to. We ourselves has tested this feature just to prove that this troubleshoot works on the iPhone without any trouble. But the only trouble is, why we weren’t able to activate this mesmerising feature anytime sooner. So don’t just sit and read, grab your iPhone and do it yourself right away. This function works for iOS 7, iOS 8 and for iOS 9, but the only limitation is that you just cannot skip the ads that come in between. For the YouTube background plays to work just follow these instructions –

  1. For the YouTube background play, the first and foremost thing to do is to dump away the official YouTube app. Because the official YouTube doesn’t allow the background play to function properly.
  2. Instead, use Safari for searching out for your favourite song or any video, play the selected video.
  3. Now press the home button to take you to the home screen, but now probably the music must have stopped.
  4. Don’t worry, before playing your video, plug in your headphones which have the small button or the mic controller.
  5. Now hit the mic controller button and now you could again listen to the audio of the song or video that you have selected.

It’s that simple and easy to run any video in the background with the audio in the continuation. But for the people who don’t use or who doesn’t want the headphones to be plugged in their iPhone, we have another way for you.

  1. After selecting the video, press the lock button instead of the home button.
  2. Now after locking up your phone hit the home button.
  3. As the screen display turns on, swipe up to access the control centre.
  4. Now in the control centre, you could see the name of the song and the artist name, just hit on the play button for the song to resume.

There you go, now you can access the YouTube background play feature without any fuss and you can now listen to the favourite tracks on the go.

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