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How to Create Fake Screenshots of Almost Anything

Did you know that you can easily create fake screenshots for the purpose of pranking others? If you believe everything you see on the Internet, it’s time to be careful. There are online fake screenshot generators, apps, and image editing tools using which you can make fake Messenger chats, WhatsApp conversations, text messages, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, newspaper clips, magazine covers, air tickets, hotel bills, etc. While most people make fake screenshots just for fun, there are still many who do such things to mislead, cheat, and defraud others.

Below, we’ll check some of the best fake screenshot generator tools and apps for the web, iOS, and Android. iOS can use an app called Social Dummy to create fake social media posts and share screenshots to have fun.

Create a Fake Tweet Screenshot

You can easily create a fake tweet screenshot using an online fake tweet generator. Some of these tools let you make fake tweets using any name, Twitter username, profile image, post image, or verified Twitter account tick. The screenshots you create will look 100% convincing and deceive anybody.


Of all the fake tweet generators I tested, TweetGen is the best. It is very easy to use and supports light, dim, and dark themes. You can customize every element of the fake tweet including date, time, the number of likes and retweets, username, and Twitter clients, such as Twitter Web App, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, etc. Moreover, you can also add a post image in JPG and PNG format. Below is an example of a fake tweet screenshot that I created using TweetGen.

fake tweet screenshot

Fake tweet (Light and dark mode)

To make your tweets eye-catching, you should make use of fancy text. Here is how you can bold and italicize your text on Twitter for mobile and web.

Zeoob – Fake Tweet Generator

Zeoob is another great online tool to generate fake tweets that look real. It is a simple yet powerful web app that lets you create fake Twitter texts and tweets. Enter all the information in the text fields like name, message, date, time, reply, etc., and upload a profile photo. Moreover, the tool also lets you create fake Twitter comments on the generated tweet. Once you are done you can download the conversation in JPG format.

eric-mitchell-porat fake tweet screenshot

Other Fake Tweet Generators

Below are some other worthy alternatives to TweetGen and Zeoob that you can try.

If you are an Android user, you can try these fake tweet generator apps but I would still recommend the online generators because they are better than the currently available fake tweet apps.

Fake Twitter DM Generator

If you want to create fake screenshots of Twitter direct messages or Twitter chat, you can use a fake Twitter DM generator like PrankMeNot, Dizwa, Simitator, Zeoob Twitter Chat, TwitterChatGenerator, etc.

Fake Facebook Post Screenshot

There is no scarcity of fake Facebook post generators. You can not only create a Facebook status post but also create fake comments on a post that doesn’t exist. The customization screen is very easy to use. Just upload photos and texts and the wall comes alive. Now you can edit almost anything you want, say, comments, likes, events, etc. Once you are done, click on save to share it with your friends. If you want, you can turn off the active status on Facebook and Messenger.

fake facebook post screenshot

I created the above screenshot using Zeoob Facebook post generator. You can use this online service as a fake Facebook relationship status generator as well. Besides, there are some other online fake Facebook wall post generators that deserve a shot.

When you are done with creating your fake Facebook post, also check out how you can use bold, italic, and fancy text in your Facebook posts.

Fake Messenger Chat Screenshot

You can make fake screenshots of an imaginary conversation on Facebook Messenger. As you can see in the fake chat screenshot below, everything looks pretty close to a real Messenger conversation.

messenger chat fake screenshot

I created the fake messenger chat screenshot using the Zeoob online Facebook Messenger chat generator. You can use an online Messenger chat generator to create fake but funny conversations easily and download it as a JPG image. If you got an Android device, you can try apps like Fake Chat Conversation, and Messenger Chat. Here are some more online fake Messenger chat generators that you can try.

If you are a Windows user, you must check out these best Messenger clients for your Windows 10 computer.

Fake WhatsApp Chat Screenshot

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger apps. If you are looking for a fake WhatsApp chat generator, there are several Android apps and online chat generators that help you create fake screenshots. These apps let you send fake WhatsApp messages, create fake WhatsApp statuses, and chat. To create fake conversations just upload the picture and start chatting. Once you are done you can share it with your friends.

Android users can use WhatsMock (Fake Chat Maker), Fake Chat Conversations, and WhatsFake. Moreover, you can try the following online WhatsApp chat generators on your mobile and desktop browsers.

Fake Email Sender and Screenshot Maker

It’s easy to prank your friends or anybody else with fake emails. If you want to spoof an email address, send fake emails, or create a screenshot of a fake email, there are some great online tools for that. Below is an example of a fake email I sent to myself via Emkei Mailer.

fake email or email spoofing

This website lets you send fake emails with custom dates, attachments, headers, Cc, Bcc, etc. Not just that, you can also add a header, SMTP server, and get confirmation when the fake email is delivered and read.

Here are some more websites that can be used for email spoofing and sending fake emails.

There are some apps that let you spoof an email address or create a temporary email ID to help save you from spam emails. FakeDetails Email Generator is a great online tool if you want to send emails with a fake email address and it supports all email providers. Android users can use fake email sender apps like Instant Email Address, and Temp Mail.

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Fake Instagram Post and Chat Screenshot

There are a number of web-based services that let you create fake Instagram posts and save screenshots to share on social media to prank your friends. Just upload a profile picture, text content, image, and fake comments and reactions to make it more convincing.

To create a fake Instagram post with comments, head over to Zeoob, Instalized, FakeDetails, or Dizwa.

In case you want to generate a fake Instagram chat or DM screenshot, you can either use Android apps like Funsta – Insta Fake Chat Post and Direct Prank, and InstaFake – Fake Chat & Fake Followers & Fake Post, or use websites like Zeoob, and FakeDetail. Do not forget to try these best apps to create Instagram stories.

Fake iPhone Text Message Conversation

iOS8Text, FakePost Generator, FakeDetail, iFakeTextMessage, Zeoob, and Fake iMess are free web apps that let you create a fake iPhone conversation screenshot. The process is very simple, enter a name, choose a carrier, write the message, and get the screenshot. The screenshot is highly customizable but just make sure that the format you’ve entered is a proper text format so that you will get what you have entered.

If you own an iOS device, you can use an app called Fake Messages Pro to create fake conversations.

Fake iPhone Incoming Call Generator

While we can use fake calls and messages to prank our friends, they can also help us get out of awkward social situations like boring meetings and annoying conversations. You can use a fake call screen or screenshot as proof that you are getting out of the room for a genuine reason. Here are some of the best fake iPhone call screenshot generators.

Android users can install apps like Fake Call iStyle and Fake Call – prank call to generate fake incoming call screens.

Fake Android Text Message

FakeDetails, lets you create a fake text message screenshot. Enter the message, select the time format, and get ready to roll. The cool thing about these web apps is that the screenshot created by you will be deleted from their server after one hour. So you better save it before it gets deleted. There’s also an Android app called Fake Message Free that you can use to create fake text messages on Android devices.

Fake Flight Ticket

KeyFlight is a fun tool to prank your friends. This web app lets you create realistic-looking airline tickets. To generate a ticket enter passenger and destination details into the provided form, choose the airline, and then click the “Done!” button. KeyFlight lets you download the generated fake air ticket as a PDF as well. Return flights, on the other hand, give you a fake flight ticket booked via Expedia.

fake air ticket delhi to new york

Fake News Screenshot

Newspaper Clipping

Fodey is the web service you need to try at least once. Shock your friends with your story in the newspaper. To generate a fake newspaper clipping enter the newspaper name, date, headline, and story. You are famous now! JaguarPaw, MakeMyNewspaper, HomemadeGiftsMadeEasy, and WorldGreyNews are some good alternatives to Fodey.

Breaking News Generator

Prank your friends with a funny breaking news story with TBS Daily that allows you to select from available news templates and fill in your personal details to create your very own fake story. If you want to generate a fake news screenshot of an online news portal, you can use FakeNewsGenerator. What about a piece of fake breaking news on a popular news channel? You should try apps like BreakYourOwnNews, PhotoFunia, and ClassTools, and Android apps like Breaking News Photo Editor and Fake News Meme Creator.

Fake Magazine Cover

Do you want to shock others by featuring yourself on the cover of an international magazine? There are numerous premium services like Your CoverFoto Jet, etc. However, I found a free web app called Magazine Yourself that will cost you nothing. Just head over to the website and reserve a place on the covers of reputed magazines like Time, Forbes, ESPN, Motor Trend, Geek, Men’s Health, Famous, etc.

Fake Certificate Generator

You can create a fake certificate to prank your friends and family. You can make a variety of certificates with customized text on If you want premium designs for your fake certificates and can spend money on them, Visme and Canva are better destinations.

fake certificate screenshot

Fake Bills, Salary Slips, Receipts, and Invoices

There was a time when I worked for a company. Whenever they sent me out of town for official work, they demanded all bills and receipts to claim my expenses. Since I was not good at keeping those bits of paper safe, I failed to get all the money I spent from my pocket. I wish I had known about fake bills and receipt generators at the time. Anyway, there are several online tools using which you can easily generate fake bills for expenses on hotels, restaurants, taxis, and parking. Expenses Receipt and Need Receipt are great free web apps for creating all types of bills and receipts online.

In case you want to generate professional invoices (with GST) online, Invoice Generator, Invoicely, Free Invoice Builder, and Online Invoices are worth giving a shot at. You can also create genuine or fake salary slips using Asanify.

Fake Name and Identity Generator

Many websites offer online forms and make it mandatory to fill in all your details including name, full address, (SSN) social security number, email, date of birth, etc. Using Fake Name Generator, you can generate a randomly fake identity with all those details that you use to protect your privacy.

Fake Video Generator

Have you ever wished to see yourself in a video? Suppose there is an interview video of a Hollywood star and you want to replace the face of that star with yours so that it looks like you are being interviewed, you can easily use that. There are some awesome AI tools named DeepFakes Web, Hoodem, and Synthesia, using which you can generate deep fake videos.

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