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How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices

Facebook, an online social networking application that doesn’t require any introduction. A word Facebook which defines all about it. Nowadays almost everyone using the application or at least tried using earlier once in a lifetime. If anyone doesn’t know about Facebook you can say, Alien spotted. Facebook will provide you a lot of features like messaging, audio calling, video calling, sharing photos and videos, etc. If you want to download Facebook videos on Android, there are quite a number of ways to do that,

While you are browsing on Facebook, sometimes you may like few videos and you want to play offline, but Facebook won’t provide you any download link for videos uploaded in it. Today, we will help you with downloading Facebook videos on Android devices. There are a lot of video downloading apps available in Google’s Play Store, today we will provide a few best apps among them.

Using Firefox Browser with Advanced Download Manager (ADM) App

Now Firefox browser is introduced Android Mode in a mobile browser application. You can find the Android icon in the address bar on the top if the content in it is compatible with Android. First, install the Firefox browser from Play Store if you haven’t installed it on your mobile. Now download and install Advanced Download Manager(ADM) App from Play Store.

  1. After finishing the installation, Launch Firefox and login to Facebook mobile site.install advanced download manager
  2. Now browse and click on the video you want to download.
  3. The video will start playing in a new window and a small Android Icon will be enabled in the Address bar.
  4. Click on the Android icon and you’ll get a popup listing all the supported applications. Select ADM Editor from the list and click on OK.facebook download video
  5. The selected video will be added to the queue and will start downloading.
  6. You can find all the downloaded videos under Finished Tab in the ADM application.

Using MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is one of the popular App for downloading videos without using any browser.

  1. Browse and Download MyVideoDownloader for Facebook App from Play Store and install it.facebook video downloader
  2. After successful installation, launch the App and Login into your Facebook account.
  3. Now select the News Feed option to browse the video to be downloaded.
  4. Once you have found the video you like, tap on the download icon available on the right side of the video and click on Download.MyVideoDownloadr facebook
  5. The video will start downloading and will store it into your phone’s internal memory after the download.

That’s it.  We hope this article will help you to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices. Start downloading. Do share comments if you have any.

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