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How To Disable Talkback on Android

Disable Talkback on Android

One of the prominent specification in today’s smartphone is screen display. We all peep at pixels, compare HD screen with retina display and even get disappointed at devices which don’t offer ultra high-resolution true HD screen. But there are some vision-impaired people who have a problem looking at the screen and don’t know whether their device is working in the same way as they have command. For them, Google has come up with a solution in the form of Google Talkback.

Google Talkback is an accessibility service for vision-impaired to use all the Android features. Once you have activated Google Talkback it speaks out everything you do on your Android device. It uses vibration, audio feedback and spoken word to let you know what you are doing, what’s on screen, what you are touching and what you can do with it. This feature is found on all Android devices installed on Android 4.0 to 6.0. You can enable Talkback feature from Settings-> Accessibility-> Talkback.

However, for those who have no vision problem, Talkback feature is not of much use. Enabling the Talkback feature blocks some of the features of your device like you can’t take a screenshot or open the notification center. A female voice will read out all your actions and it seems unpleasant to hear what you are doing when you can actually see it. So now or later you will try to turn off the Talkback feature and for your surprise, you will find it quite difficult as there will be no “Accessibility” option after you activate the Talkback feature.

Disable Google Talkback on Android Devices

  • Unlock your device with Talkback Mode Activated

You can unlock your Android device with Talkback mode activated by double tapping + swiping your finger on the lock screen.

  • Unlock your device in Password Mode with Talkback Mode Activated

If you want to unlock your device but you can’t enter the password due to Talkback mode activated, then follow the steps below:

  1. Long press the password field and double click it.
  2. Now the keyboard will appear.
  3. Long press your password.
  4. Double click the “Done” button.

Your Android device will now be unlocked.

  • Disable Talkback on Android

If you want to disable the Google Talkback, you need to make your way to Settings option. Follow the below steps to turn off the Google Talkback:

  1. Using 2 fingers (slightly separated), open notification panel by swiping down from the top.
  2. Touch the settings icon once and then double-click to open it.
  3. Using 2 fingers, scroll down in the settings option.
  4. Touch the accessibility icon once and then double-click to open it.
  5. Click on Talkback once and then double tap it.
  6. Click once on the On/Off button and then double tap it.
  7. Click once on OK and then double tap it.

That’s it. The Google Talkback will now be deactivated and you can again use your Android device normally. For any queries, drop a comment below. Feel free to share this article on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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