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What is The Best Way to Create Multiple Accounts

Building your brand online means having a strong social media presence. The solution seems to be simple at first – you must have multiple accounts. With them, you can target different demographics and locations, build your follower base, or investigate competitors. It all gets more complicated when you get down to business.

The first challenge is finding the best way to create those multiple accounts. Many social media sites have strict conditions for account creation. Not to mention that you will likely be labeled for spamming or inactivity if you don’t know how to use them properly.

Therefore, creating multiple accounts is a time-consuming task as it has to be done with caution in order to keep your accounts legitimate. For example, Twitter and Instagram allow one user to have no more than five accounts and you cannot use the same information while filling registrations. For this reason, the time it takes will rise quickly with the number of accounts you want to have.

Bots to the rescue

Luckily, the task of creating multiple social media accounts on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be automated. Filling out a profile automatically with a bot is what you have to be looking for. Simply put, social media bots are software coded solely for the purpose of completing the steps required to register a social media account.

Most of them will help you manage those accounts as well. Choose a bot that can help you build unique posts and schedule them, has a convenient dashboard, analytics, audience segmentation capabilities, and other features if you need help managing social media accounts. There are plenty of bots to choose from, so look for one which will be easy to use and will allow you to plan your marketing strategy.

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You will need to appear as any other social media user as much as possible in order to avoid bans. So follow these tips:

  • Focus on a variety of different activities, not only making posts.
  • Make friends – follow and engage with what other people post.
  • Grow steadily and regularly. Do not go from 0 to 100 friends or posts in a day.
  • Fill in as many details as possible to verify your accounts.

A bot is not enough

Even with all this in mind, using a bot is a risky business. Most sites will ban your automated activity solely because of your connection. So, when using a bot for social media accounts creation, protect your IP with a proxy as well.

Most software on the market for social media automation includes some form of proxy integration. Those which don’t include proxies or only run with free ones are not worth your time. Why? Simply because your IP address will be banned.

Creating and signing in to multiple social media accounts with the same IP is considered high-risk behavior. Social media sites track user’s IP addresses to know if they have multiple accounts.

Because of this, your accounts can be blocked and your posts and messages labeled as spam. The best way to avoid this is with the help of proxies.

An IP address is a special string of numbers that identifies every device which connects to the internet. It is like a footprint that can identify you while using the internet. A proxy stands between you and the server as an intermediary while hiding your IP address.

It is safe to conclude that no matter what software you will choose, the only way to create multiple social media accounts is with proxies. Without them, you can only create accounts as a casual user but that’s not what we are here for. So, let’s dive into what kind of proxies are best for social media account creation.


The first thing to look for when choosing a proxy for social media account creation is reliability. Avoid free proxies as they are unstable and slow. Worst of all, they may expose your data. Dedicated proxies, however, are superior in all of this and will save you time in their efficiency and reliability.

Dedicated residential proxies are best suited for the task of social media accounts creation. They provide you with an IP address that is tied to a real location and an internet service provider (ISP). Typical all-purpose residential proxies are not enough. Social media sites have some unique strategies to filter and ban IPs. The proxy needs to be fine-tuned for this purpose. Therefore, look for a provider offering social media proxies specifically.

Additionally, no matter how fast and legitimate your residential proxy is, you won’t make it with one. Aim for every account to be created from a different IP and then change it every once in a while. This means that you have to find a provider not only with a high supply of residential proxies but with automatic rotation as well.

Automatic rotation chooses a different proxy for every set period of time from a variety of available ones. In this way, every sign-up will have a different IP and you won’t be recognized by social media sites. Look for a provider with reliable and hassle-free rotation as inefficiency or a small number of rotating IPs can get you in trouble.

Rotation is important but it isn’t everything. Locations of your IP addresses also have to be consistent while rotating in order to avoid bans. This can become problematic if the provider does not have precise and worldwide geotargeting. Ideally, you should find a provider which can rotate your proxies even in the same city. An ordinary user wouldn’t log in to the same account from different parts of the world in a span of a couple of hours, so neither should your bot.


Whether you will run your own bot or choose a pre-built one, you cannot create multiple social media accounts without proxies. Rotating residential proxies are the winner’s choice here. Armed with them and some knowledge of bots, you should have dozens of social media accounts in no time.

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