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How to use Chrome’s new Scroll to Text Fragment feature

The latest update to the Chrome web browser has bought about a pretty interesting feature. Known as Scroll to Text Fragment, it allows you to directly jump over to any particular word of any website directly. While browsing through any blog, you might have seen an index content where all the topics have been hyperlinked to its respective section. This allows you to directly jump over to that topic without having to manually scroll through others. Chrome’s Scroll to text Fragment takes this anchor tag functionality one step ahead.

You could now not only jump to any part of the same website but to any website across the internet. Furthermore, it has no restrictions and could be applied to any word across any site or blog. And no, you don’t have to wait for those particular sites to create these links for you. You could very easily manually create them that would link to any website and to any text across the web. To do so, we would be using the Scroll to text Fragment feature launched by Chrome. With that said, here are the required instructions. Also, check out our guide to recover the deleted bookmark in Google Chrome.

Using Chrome’s Scroll to Text Fragment feature

First off, make sure you are using Google Chrome version 80. Click on the overflow icon and select Help > About Google Chrome. The browser version should be 80.0.3987.122 or higher. if not, then update it from that section itself. Once done, here is how you could make full use of Chrome’s Scroll to Text Fragment feature.

about chrome

The general keyword for it is URL#:~:text=WORD, where WORD is the desired text to which you would link this keyword to and URL is the website to which that word belongs to. If you wish to link to more than a single word, then use %20 as space after each word. The following example will make it more clear.

Let’s use the Chrome’s Scroll to text fragment feature to create a direct link to Technastic’s Contact Us. So the link turns out to be Or suppose you wish to highlight the word Windows Technical Preview from the Microsoft Windows 10 Wikipedia page. The resulting link, in that case, will be

scroll text chrome

This will come in handy in those websites that have adopted the infinite scrolling technique. It really becomes difficult to reach the footer section and accessing sections like About Us. But now, that could easily be done by creating the direct link to that word.

Do note that by using Chrome’s Scroll to Text Fragment feature, we would be linking you to that word and not its associated webpage. For example, in our above example, the link will directly take you to the footer section of the website and highlight the About Us section. It would not open the About Us webpage, rather you will have to do so manually. As far as words without a hyperlink go (like the Windows Technical Preview in the Wikipedia example), well there isn’t any confusion in the first place. It would simply highlight the said word.

So that was all about Chrome’s new Scroll to Text Fragment feature. Do let us know your opinions on this feature in the comments section below.

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