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One of the Best Entry-Level Laser Engravers in 2022

Born for beginners of engraving machines, ORTUR launched its sub-brand Aufero and its first product! As a well-deserved head brand in the engraving machine industry, the medium and high-end laser engraving machine produced by Ortur has been loved by many laser engraving lovers. Especially the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro released this year. Its outstanding and stable performance is widely praised by many small manufacturing enterprises, studios, artists, and engineers.

After depositing advanced and mature technology in the middle and high-end/professional market, ORTUR began to consider the needs of more users, especially many users who are ready to try engraving machines for the first time. ORTUR found that most laser engraving machines on the market are not only expensive for ordinary users but also the experience is not particularly friendly for beginners. For example, most machines adopt modular packaging, which takes hours or even days to learn, assemble and debug the machine.

Therefore, in order to serve more novice users, ORTUR recently released — Aufero, a sub-brand of its entry-level engraving machine. While continuing Ortur’s leading technology, this sub-brand model has a lower price and simpler use threshold. For example, the first king of cost performance model on the market, the plug and play Aufero laser 1.

If a novice is ready to try a laser engraving machine, Aufero Laser 1 may be the best choice. Unlike products that cost more than $400, it costs only $199. Initial users with a low budget can also choose. Meanwhile, Ortur is giving away a free YRR 2.0 – a rotary roller for cylinder engraving – to the first 5 people who purchase the Aufero Laser 1 every day within the promotion (October 18, 2021, 8:00 am, UTC – November 17, 2021, 8:00 am, UTC). In total, there are 150 pieces up for grabs. The winners will be announced on the home page of the official website the following day.

Aufero Laser 1

In addition to the lower price, its installation is also quite convenient. Normally, the engraving machine needs a slightly complicated installation after receiving it before it can be used normally (normally, it takes more than 30 minutes to install and several hours or even days to debug). However, due to the use of pre-assembled packaging, the installation of aufero laser 1 is much easier. Plug and play, users can finish all installation and debugging in a few minutes! Novices can also buy and use at ease.


Leapfrog performance, easy to use

However, the entry-level positioning does not affect its professional performance. Ortur’s engraving machine technology is the most high-end and advanced in the industry. Aufero, which inherits Ortur technology, is naturally outstanding in performance.

laser engraving surfaces

Aufero Laser 1 is equipped with ORTUR’s latest OLM-PRO-V1.2 motherboard. This is the latest 9th generation motherboard of ORTUR at present. Compared with the previous generation motherboard, its speed is increased by 10%, its movement is smoother and more delicate, and its carving accuracy is higher. With the most advanced OLF-180 series firmware in the industry, the grayscale engraving effect has been greatly improved, and the figures in photos can be carved very realistically. Its performance is not only far superior to other engraving machines at the same price, but also comparable to other engraving machines of new brands at a higher price.

Its software and hardware compatibility is also very good, the machine can work directly without a drive (Windows 7 and Windows XP do not support drive-free), and it is also compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn. Therefore, no matter what kind of operating system or all kinds of engraving software users use, they can buy it with confidence and use it easily.

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Diverse needs satisfied by one set

In practical use, aufero laser 1 can carve objects with a maximum of 180x180mm.

Aufero Laser 1 portability

At the same time, Aufero also provides three laser plugs to meet different engraving needs. One host can be equipped with three laser plugs. which can complete various carving tasks. The three laser plugs are:

1. Option 1-LU2-2 Laser Module:

  1. Fixed focus laser module, smaller luminous cavity, and smaller focal spot.
  2. Lu2-2 laser module is more suitable for engraving high-precision patterns. But its speed is not very fast and is not very suitable for cutting.

This laser plug features high-precision patterns and is suitable for materials with low hardness. Users can engrave their favorite patterns on the mobile phone shell, engrave unique characters on bread/steak, engrave photos with wooden boards instead of paper photos, easily complete “paper-cut” paintings with paper, and print their own unique marks on leather products such as wallets and belts, etc. so that they can exert their creativity at will.

2. Option 2-LU2-4-SF:

  1. Short focal length, smaller focal spot, and high laser energy density.
  2. With good cutting ability, it is more suitable for carving materials with high hardness, such as stainless steel, and the speed is faster.

This laser module has a good cutting ability. However, it has better carving performance and is suitable for materials with high hardness, such as glass, stone, ceramics, stainless steel, and so on. For example, users can carve commemorative patterns on transparent glass to make beautiful artwork for friends. You can also carve personalized images on a small stone slab, which is also a good-looking ornament at home; If users are shopkeepers, they can also carve small pieces of ceramics on the logo of their own store and give them to patrons; Even, users can carve their own business card information on stainless steel iron, making it the most unique and durable stainless steel business card.

3. Option 3-LU2-4-LF:

  1. Longer depth of field.
  2. It not only has a good carving effect but also is more suitable for cutting thicker wooden boards.
  3. There is an air assist, so it is not easy to have black edges, but the air compressor needs to be prepared.

This laser module has a good engraving effect and a more perfect cutting effect. Users can use some beautiful wooden boards to match their own personalized design and cut them into artworks of different shapes. Of course, in addition to wood, it also supports a variety of materials such as leather, black acrylic, etc. it can also cut these materials into the shape required by users and engrave pattern design. In short, users can be creative and leave the rest to Aufero Laser 1.

Multiple protection, worry-free after-sales

For novices, security is also a very important part. To this end, aufero laser 1 has designed a four-fold safety protection system. First, the laser position protection function (active position protection). When the laser engraving machine is moved horizontally/longitudinally during operation, it will automatically stop the operation of the laser head, so as to protect the user. This anti-collision technology Ortur was developed as early as 2019. Compared with the anti-collision technology just released by other brands this year, it is obviously more mature and perfect.

Second, the laser beam safety watchdog function is newly added. In case of bug in the machine or poor USB connection between the machine and the computer, the laser watchdog will be activated to stop the laser module from outputting laser light in order to prevent fire hazards caused by out-of-control of the laser module.

Third, exposure duration detection and limitation are set. If the user goes to pour coffee or answer a phone in the middle of debugging the laser power, and the machine is not instructed within 30 seconds, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent any possible safety hazards.

Fourth, it has a safe power control system. When the engraving machine is soft shut down, the mainboard will cut off the current output to the laser module to avoid any hidden dangers. When users use it, they don’t need to pull out the plug manually. After shutdown, the machine will automatically stop the power supply and the laser will stop working. Therefore, if users are inexperienced novices, meticulous security design may bring them more security.

In addition, in addition to careful security considerations, the R&D team also comprehensively considered some other areas that may improve the user experience. For example, aufero laser 1 comes with its own eye protection cover. It does not need to wear goggles when using, and users can observe the progress of laser engraving at any time.

What is more reassuring is Aufero’s amazing after-sales support. Users can get a reply within 7 days when they use it. In the next six months, Aufero will strive to achieve quick feedback within 24 hours. In a word, whether people are newcomers to purchase engraving machines for the first time or experienced sculptors, Aufero’s perfect safety protection and quick after-sales service are the reasons why people can buy engraving machines with confidence.

Summary: Cost-effective, the first choice for entry

Undoubtedly, besides those engraving experts, there are more amateurs who want to have a laser engraving machine that can do DIY at will to realize their own personalized creativity. However, most engraving machines in the market are too professional in terms of price and use threshold.

laser engraving samples

This is also the reason why Ortur established the aufero brand alone. In fact, before aufero was founded, Ortur received positive feedback from many users relying on a variety of star products. It also contains many meaningful stories: A coffee shop owner used Ortur laser engraving machine to make personalized advertisements, which became famous among customers in big cities; A French Wine Manor owner used the Ortur laser engraving machine to engrave his own memory on the wine barrel; A Hollywood filmmaker used Ortur laser engraving machine to customize a unique electric guitar souvenir for his behind-the-scenes team; Even an Italian gentleman successfully proposed to his girlfriend with a steak engraved “marry me” in a restaurant. The good memories brought by these sculptors have become the power source for Ortur to promote the development of the semiconductor laser engraving industry.

For Aufero, which continues ORTUR’s top technology and is born strong, its ultra-low price, superior performance, thoughtful security protection, and worry-free after-sales experience mean that it will create a good value and more stories for more ordinary creators. For beginners who try carving machines for the first time, the budget at hand is not high, and they want to choose a device with outstanding performance, stability, reliability, and ease of use, then Aufero Laser 1, which is very cost-effective and originated from ORTUR, must be their best choice.

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