5 Reasons You Should Use a VPN

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are affordable, easy to use and must be a vital component of your PC or smartphone. Even if you don’t necessarily have an Antivirus software installed, Windows Defender on Windows 10 does a pretty effective job. A VPN, however, is even more important and many people don’t realize that. It also safeguards you from hackers and keeps every moment you spend online completely private. VPN provides furthermore benefits which, in case you don’t know, we’ll let you know.

1. Browse the web securely on a public Wi-Fi

5 Reasons You Should Use A VPN

Public Wi-Fi networks are on the rise in many countries of the world. Most businesses provide free public Wi-Fi in order to attract customers. And most customers’ first reaction to a free public Wi-Fi is to connect to it and start browsing. The problem with public Wi-Fi is that it is not really that secure.

  1. Your browsing is unencrypted and can be picked up by anyone with the know how.
  2. Malware from one laptop on the network could possibly make its way to yours via the router.
  3. You never know, the free Wi-Fi could just be a phishing scam.

Even some legitimate Wi-Fi networks require personal information for singing you up such as your phone number. This information could be used to track you. With a VPN, you can avoid at least three of the listed problems.

2. Beat location-based restrictions

5 Reasons You Should Use A VPN

How often have you found a YouTube video that wasn’t “available in your country”? There are often times when you stumble upon a website or web page that someone in your location isn’t supposed to be on. Then there are several streaming services that are locked onto a specific region. Spotify, for example, is still not available in India. BBC iPlayer isn’t available outside the U.K. Netflix offers a different streaming library based on your location, but that isn’t always the best content for you. Browser-based proxy services can help you here, sure. But that often results in slow streaming and it is not the best experience.

To enjoy the best possible experience, you could simply employ a VPN. Most of them usually have dozens of servers around the world that you can choose from.

3. Defeat Government Censorship

5 Reasons You Should Use A VPN

Governments can block certain websites in a country since they have the power to do so. That is why Pakistan was able to block YouTube for a while, and China was able to keep Facebook away. Even in many other countries, certain websites are blocked because the government does not want people to see certain content. But nothing is really off limits as long as it is on the Internet thanks to VPN services. Using a VPN you can connect to servers from another country and continue to browse the Internet like it was supposed to be.

4. Automatically encrypt everything

5 Reasons You Should Use A VPN

Even though it’s not very easy, but your ISP can potentially track down your browsing habits. In theory, your ISP has the potential to find out which websites you visit often. It is a complicated process and it is unlikely that your ISP would go to such lengths only to find out how many times you visit Facebook. Nevertheless, VPN clients can encrypt all the data that you exchange with remote websites and servers. Any online activity you do with a VPN app up and running will be automatically encrypted. To understand, imagine a safe and secure tunnel in a sea, through which clean water can pass. That’s exactly what a VPN does. That’s how it makes a public Wi-Fi safe as well and that’s how it can also keep government censors oblivious to your browsing data.

5. Improve online gaming speeds

5 Reasons You Should Use A VPN

Whether you’re completing a heist in GTA online with your friends or conquering the realm in an online RPG, online games require a fast, steady internet connection. But even on a fast internet connection, it is possible that your online gaming experience might not be as smooth as it should be. This is because certain ISP’s throttle online gaming data in order to provide a uniform service to all users. As you may have guessed by now, a VPN can help solve this little problem. Keep in mind though that the VPN server you’re using is nearby, and capable of handling the load. Most VPN services let you know beforehand how busy a server is.

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