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10 Bizarre Things Found on the Dark Web

Written by Dewank Pant

If you’re reading this article then you probably already know what the internet is, but the internet we see today wasn’t supposed to be like this, the internet was supposed to be a place where users could enjoy total anonymity and was thought to be a place beyond the control of individual governments, well there still exist a subset of internet a place where the servers of websites and users can still have their share of anoymity and that’s the space of dark web.

The internet we see is just the tip of an iceberg what lies beneath that layer is way more information than we can ever imagine. Because of this high level of encryption and anonymity dark web leads to certain websites which people like you and I can’t think of even in the wildest of our dreams. So here’s a list of 10 bizarre things found on the dark web just at the click of a button.


10. Drugs (SilkRoad)

Ever since his arrest in 2013 Ross Ulbricht has become a commonly known name and has made more people interested in what he was actually doing. He was the founder of the deep web marketplace silk road which can also be termed as the amazon or eBay of drugs, where one could buy anything ranging from Marijuana Butter Choco Chip Cookies to LSD to Devil’s Breathe and what not, if you’re way too much inspired by Walter white then silk road is the way to your breaking bad story as here you can find crystal meth and to top it all, ways to hack ATM machines if in case you’re interested. Just like any other deep web website it also based it’s transaction on bitcoins and Silk Road had a highly sophisticated payment system for road payment

Even though Silk Road is down now and seized still there exist many such websites in the deep marketplace for buying any possible drug one can imagine

silk road

9. Contract killers

‘The best place to put your problems is in a grave’ that’s what one of the hitmen websites read.
Being a place full of anonymity where users can hide their footprints what can be a better place to hire a hitman, killing a human being was never a click away, there have been multiple sites on the dark web, out of them the most talked about is the Hitman Network, which claims to be a trio of contract killers working in the United States, Canada, and the European Union, they mention that contract will be completed within 1-3 weeks based on the target. Hitman network also clearly states “no children under 16 and no top 10 politicians.” Thus adding an ethical tinge to their work.assassination market

Got a crazy ex, then this is the place for you, out of all, the most unique contract killing dark web site is Assassination Market, which is actually a system for crowdfunding assassinations sounds like Indiegogo or Kickstarter for assassins . The working model is like the name of a target is added to Assassination Market’s list and the users can add bitcoins to the dead pool associated with that individual.

People can place predictions about when the target will die and the one who makes the correct prediction gets the pool. It’s assumed that at least some of the people making predictions will actually carry out the hit at the prescribed time to collect their winnings. But this all proves how serious working models these websites have, as payment is done via bitcoins both killer and bidder remains anonymous.

hitman network

8. Arms and ammunition

Don’t want to hire a contract killer? Armory is there for you!

As mentioned by “The Armory began as an offshoot of The Silk Road, as apparently guns were a little too hot for The Silk Road’s admins”, sometimes it’s said to be the dark web’s Walmart of weaponry as it’s one of the biggest and very well-known arms black-market, here one can get a wide variety of all shapes and sizes all you need to have is bitcoins for transaction and you’ll be anonymous as hell , the armory is ever expanding and there is no stopping down to this huge marketplace with ever increasing customer base. Though the link (http://armory34omvkkmgr.onion/index.php?route=common/home) might have been changed by now. Well, it provides guns, grenades and everything required to form a personal army.

bizarre things on deep web

7. Forums where Rapes, murder, and abductions are planned

A name violent desires and the tagline where ‘’monstrous minds meet’’, is enough to give chills down the spine, this forum was full of people who shared their evil plans with like-minded people and planned kidnappings, rape and even murders over the forum, some of the posts even related to abducting young girls and then cutting their limbs and fitting metal clasps in order to make them a human doll, people were even ready to pay up to $30,000 for that. http://ld3ervkde3fv2vlr.onion/forum/ this was the link used by the website previously well now violent desires has been taken down, but still many such draconian forums exist over the dark side of the web. As read at many other places “the only way to get to the VIP board is to show pictures of kids you raped/killed.” The horrors can be clearly imagined just by the 2 screenshots of the website.

violet desires home

violent desires

6. Dark and Extreme Boy stories (DEMB)

A caption on the website says “The DEMB includes sadistic stories about boys, and illustrated stories. DEMB is the dark little brother of PZA Boy stories.” It is one of the highly disturbing child porn erotica websites on the deep web, saying itself as the sex repository for the pedophiles who like to read stories about young boy’s rape, and sexual abuse and sometime even death and mutilation. this is the onion link though the archives can be found in cached copies of google. As checked by google archives service this website is still up and running by the time this article was written.

dark and extreme boy stories

5. Cruel Onion Wiki

The urban dictionary states bestiality as Sexual intercourse involving a human and a lower animal but cruel onion wiki is one of the websites that has taken bestiality to a whole new level, this dark website promotes the mutilation, as well as rape of animals and then the videos and pics, are uploaded for in accord people to meet their fantasies, it has a huge variety from dog crush, rabbit crush to lethal pressure and the worst one can imagine.

cruel onion wiki

4. DNS (Dead Nigger Storage)

The name is enough to explain what goes inside this dark web website, it is an 8chan website where pictures of black people are stored and displayed after being killed, this is just like another necrophilia website but with very racist intents. Even on the page the website mentions “Race War is happening, invest in a dead nigger storage now”, “store your dead nigger here”. This website is very horrifying both on racial as well as humanitarian grounds.

dead nigger storage

3. SLDC (Sexy little dead children)

Kids are so cute and lifelike that’s what we all think, well I guess not all, some love to see them tormented, with their bodies mutilated to death. That’s the case with SLDC It’s just like the number 4 dead nigger storage but the only difference is SLDC takes torture to another level posting stuff related to infants and kids.

It’s an 8chan website hosted on the dark web, this as the name suggests contains highly profane graphics, it contains pictures as well as videos of mutilated and fatally wounded dead children, the children are mainly from poor and third world countries and it’s clearly the hangout spot for pedophiles with necrophilia fantasies


2. The Human Experiment

As mentioned on the website the creators clearly said that “not all humans are equal for some of them are born superior to others”, the website stated that they attempt to illustrate experiments conducted by their group on human subjects, people who were chosen were generally homeless and unregistered citizens and the experiments ranged from

Starvation to radiation tolerance in infants. Once the subjects were dead their bodies were dissected and disposed of in dumpsters of meat shops. This website was taken down and seized in 2011, previous link of the website (http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/experiments), can be seen in the screenshot, till date it’s one of the most gruesome website ever found on dark web.

huamn experiment home

Human experiment

1. Snuff Films

According to the urban dictionary snuff, films are those in which participants are truly, psychically murdered, killed, or mutilated on camera. It’s mostly a pornographic film that ends up in an actual murder, the concept of snuff films can be clearly explained by the Serbian horror film named “A Serbian Film” as mentioned on IMDB this movie tells the story of a financially struggling porn star who agrees to participate in an “art film“, only to discover that he has been drafted into a snuff film with child rape and necrophilia themes.

But in real life the worst case ever reported was Peter Scully’s work with a video named dafu love where it shows a 9 year old girl being tied by a leash and two men physically abusing her after that two women arrive in the video carrying a bag full of infants and they take out 5 infants and place them on the floor and then those people raped the babies for an hour or so. Then each baby was killed either by a chisel and hammer, a chainsaw or by beating up on the ground. These videos if seen accidentally might have a severe trauma to the viewer and could leave a scar on memory for lifetime.

Another one of Scully’s work was the actual clipping named daisy’s destruction which was put on the dark web by Peter Scully, people used to pay Scully up to $10,000 for such video clippings, the video daisy’s destruction shows the Filipino young child named daisy who was brutally whipped, tortured and sexually abused to unimaginable extremes, he used to even force those kids to dig their own graves in the backyard. Scully is alleged to have run an international pedophile ring and offered live pay-per-view video streams of children being tortured and sexually abused on the Dark web, currently peter Scully is facing life imprisonment as death penalty has been suspended in Philippines in 2006.

There are other things which I didn’t mentioned in the list like the red rooms on the dark web which are said to exist but some people even call it hoax, red rooms are few things which leaves a person horrified just by the description of it that the highest bidder gets to decide the fate and how the kidnapped victim will be executed live based on the money the viewers pool in and once the fate is decided the chat rooms are flooded and they view the execution live. Whatever is the case, dark web is surely not that safe place to be in, if you ever think of visiting there I’ve just one piece of advice “be safe”.

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